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A Knight’s tale about duty, duels, driving your sister crazy...all while trying to save the country from a secret that threatens to tear it apart.

When a seemingly harmless prank goes wrong, knight-in-training Per of Esterpike watches her sister Elena, famed hero and leader of Lions, murdered by a barbarian horde set on wiping Esterpike off the map. Together with Elena’s second-in-command Amelia, Per must impersonate her sister and travel to Unity’s capital to convince the Generals of each city-state to provide aid against the oncoming horde. But as Per moves forward on her quest, she comes upon a conspiracy that might just threaten Unity itself!

Cristina Rose "C.R." Chua, the creator behind A SPARROW'S ROAR, submitted the pitch document to me following several collaborations. After presenting the pitch to editor Shannon Watters, Shannon brought the project through acquisitions.

Written by C.R. Chua and Paolo Chikiamco

Illustrated by C.R. Chua


  • Assess original black-and-white pages, evaluating clarity; recommended lettering and dialogue tweaks and spots to add several pages for clarity.

  • Art direction from original black-and-white self-published version to colors.

  • Oversee lettering.

  • Copy-Editing.

  • Proofreading.

Available from Simon & Schuster.

"Michael is an amazing editor. When I worked with BOOM! Studios, he helped polish up our OGN, A Sparrow's Roar. His input and suggestions are helpful and insightful, making sure the story, color and pace are clear. Your story is safe in his hands."

--C.R. Chua (A Sparrow's Roar, Adventure Time)

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