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See below for Michael's full editorial work. Please click a cover to go to the corresponding series page outlining Michael's contributions to each.

To see Michael's top accomplishments, please visit his Editorial Highlights page.

Freelance Projects

Michael works as a Freelance Editor primarily for book market publisher First Second, direct market comic publishers Mad Cave Studios and A Wave Blue World, and webcomics platform Tapas. The following are the projects that have been announced, release, or been made public.

Universal Projects

Michael works at NBCUniversal as an Editorial Manager, where he edits Spirit, LEGO Jurassic World, Curious George, Masters of the Universe, Parks & Recreation, the Despicable Me & Minions Franchises, How to Train Your Dragon, and Murder She Wrote books. He edits all the comics and graphic novels licensed under NBCUniversal.

Scholastic Projects

Michael worked at Scholastic as their Coordinator, Licensing & Brands for nearly a year and a half, where he identified, acquired, and managed licenses from film, television, video games, celebrities and more.


In his first six months, he successfully shepherded four projects through acquisitions with a total budget of $350K+. The acquisitions process at Scholastic included running P&Ls, completing memos, compiling comp title information, and presenting to sales and marketing. Of his successfully acquired projects, these are the ones that were accepted by the licensors and are publicly announced.

In this role, he worked with high profile licensors including Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros., Blizzard's Overwatch, Marvel Comics, and LEGO.

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BOOM! Studios Projects

Michael worked at BOOM! Studios as an Assistant Editor for nearly two years, where he completed over 100 projects ranging from original and licensed single issue comics, graphic novels, and special projects ranging from Archive Collections to Artist Tributes. He worked in every imprint across Studios, Archaia, BOOM! Box, and kaBOOM!.

Original Comics and Graphic Novels

Cartoon Network Comics and Graphic Novels

Power Rangers Comics and Graphic Novels

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