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Michael has had the privilege of working with some of the top comic creators in the business! If you're considering hiring him for an editorial position, these testimonials from award winners, best sellers, and top tier talents will hopefully help.

"Working with Mike on Bags (Or a Story Thereof) and the Over the Garden Wall comics was a wonderful experience. He has a keen eye for details, good judgement, and was easy to communicate with through the process. I'm very proud of the comics we made together."

--Patrick McHale

(Creator, Emmy Award-winning Over the Garden Wall)

"Working with Michael on Steven Universe at BOOM! Studios was a pleasure and a delight. He made my work so much stronger with his consistently kind, thoughtful feedback--I would be thrilled at any opportunity to work with him again in the future."

--Sarah Gailey

(Hugo Award-winner, River of Teeth, Steven Universe)

"Michael was a godsend and huge contributor to all of my Power Ranger books at BOOM! Studios. Whether it was quality control, research, or simple storytelling suggestions, he brought both a professional pedigree as well as an enthusiastic touch to everything he worked on. You'll be in good hands."

--Ryan Parrott

(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Revolution)

"As someone who’s worked with him on licensed properties as well as creator-owned originals, I cannot stress the value of having an editor like Mike Moccio on your team. His mind is on short term and long term challenges, and his eye is on the work as both discerning credit and everlasting fan. While I may be known for writing and drawing comics, I’ve also done Mike’s believe me when I say: you wanna work with this guy."

--Sina Grace (GLAAD Award-nominated writer, Ghosted in L.A., Go Go Power Rangers)

"Michael was absolutely instrumental as an editor in my work with him for my Ben 10 at BOOM! Studios. He was always incredibly supportive and affirming with my pitches and brought fresh ideas and a level of professional creativity and passion to the work. Michael was always ready to brainstorm and took the time to discuss plot points and character development through phone calls and detailed emails that were always thorough, timely and helpful. I highly recommend working with Michael as an editor!"

--C.B. Lee (Rainbow Award-winner, Not Your Sidekick, Ben 10)

"From writing to artwork to project management to production, if there's any secret ingredient to a masterful comic book, it's vision--and that's a quality Michael Moccio has in spades. Not only will he leave it all on the field to make your book the best it can possibly be, but he brings well-earned insight cultivated from every side of the industry. Want your project to stand apart from the rest? Hire Michael Moccio--it'll be the best decision you ever make."

--David Pepose (Spencer & Locke, Going to the Chapel)

"Michael is an amazing editor. When I worked with BOOM! Studios, he helped polish up our OGN, A Sparrow's Roar. His input and suggestions are helpful and insightful, making sure the story, color and pace are clear. Your story is safe in his hands."

--C.R. Chua (A Sparrow's Roar, Adventure Time)

"Michael was stellar to work with on Just Beyond for Boom! Studios. He always went above and beyond when replying quickly to any comments or concerns, and was a huge help in making Just Beyond: The Scare School as amazing as it is. His passion shines through any project he takes on, and is truly a treat to work with."

--Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Just Beyond, Pandora's Legacy)

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