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When Finn breaks a promise that he doesn’t remember making all of time collapses on itself and it’s up to Jake to save his best bro before Finn is erased from existence. 

Celebrating the past, present, and future of Adventure Time, Beginning of the End finds time unravelling around Finn after he breaks a promise he doesn’t remember making. See what was and what could have been as Finn tries to remember his promise and Jake tries to get his best bud back before all of Ooo is erased from existence.

Issues #1-3, Bonus Chapter included in TPB

Written by Ted Anderson

Illustrated by Marina Julia

Colors by Whitney Cogar

Letters by Mike Fiorentino

Main Covers by Victoria Maderna

Subscription Covers by Diigii Daguna

Connecting Variant Covers by Corey Booth


  • Script review.

  • Art direction for interior and cover from thumbnails to line art to colors.

  • Oversee lettering.

  • Manage approvals with Cartoon Network from pitch to full build.

  • Create book map for each collection, including collecting covers, writing copy for fact sheets and the back cover, and collaborating with design on spine, back cover, and design pages in interior.

  • Copy-Editing.

  • Proofreading.

Available from your local comic shop and Simon and Schuster!

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